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Bomb hoax causes lockdown at local high school


Roger Moore, Chief of Police


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DATE December 13, 2018              TIME 12:05 a.m.






On December 13, 2018 at approximately 10:42 a.m., Officers of the Redding Police Department responded to a call of a possible explosive device at a local high school. The suspect sent an anonymous email that was captured via the school district’s information technology department and had been sent to several schools in the district. One email made its way through prior to being addressed by the information technology department.


As a result of the email, RPD School Resource Officer E. Smith was notified and a local high school was placed into a temporary lockdown until it could be investigated. RPD Officer J. Labbe, a member of the Shasta County Explosive’s Team, was consulted to determine the appropriate response. A subsequent search of the campus, with the assistance of staff, confirmed the belief that the threat does indeed appear to be a hoax. Officer Labbe was able to confirm through fellow members of the Explosive’s Team that very similar emails have gone to other locations throughout the country. The Central California Intelligence Center has confirmed the same email has gone to businesses, government agencies, schools, and private citizens throughout the nation beginning at 10:30 a.m. this morning.


These types of situations are always treated with the utmost priority and are never taken lightly. The staff at all of our schools are always concerned about the safety of the students and were very helpful and professional throughout this situation.


The lockdown was very brief and the normal routine of the high school was quickly restored. We at RPD remain grateful for the diligence of our community to always place the highest priority on keeping our children safe.



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