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NPU Makes 1,500th Arrest

In January 2016, the Redding Police Department created the Neighborhood Police Unit (NPU) to address community concerns regarding a significant rise in crime throughout our city.  This temporarily funded, four-officer unit has the ability to be proactive when addressing community problems rather than only being reactive, which has become the norm for our patrol officers due to budget, personnel cuts, and increased calls for service the past several years.

Since the unit’s creation over 3 years ago, NPU has focused its efforts on specific geographical locations in the City of Redding to include downtown, the Hilltop/Dana business corridor, and our parks and trails. In addition, NPU investigates suspected drug houses, patrols high crime areas, and works with community-based groups to identify growing crime trends throughout the City of Redding.  Due to the diligence of citizens who report problems, along with the hard work of our officers, NPU made its 1,500th arrest this month.

Of those 1,500 arrests, roughly 600 were felonies and 900 were misdemeanors.  A majority of NPU arrests were narcotic related.  Narcotics continue to be a major factor of the daily quality of life issues facing our community.  From January 2016 to January 2019, NPU has seized a total of 12.87 pounds of methamphetamine, 10.73 pounds of heroin, and 1.04 pounds of cocaine.  There are approximately 453 grams in a pound, and the average narcotic user ingests 0.1 grams of narcotics during each usage.  To put it in perspective, NPU prevented about 58,301 doses of methamphetamine, 48,606 doses of heroin, and 4,707 doses of cocaine from being distributed into our community.

NPU would like to thank everyone for their continued support over the past three years. On January 15th, 2019, the Redding City Council voted to permanently fund the Neighborhood Police Unit. We look forward to continuing the great partnership between the Redding Police Department and the citizens of Redding.  NPU would also like to remind citizens they can report suspected drug activity or problem houses on the Redding Police Department’s webpage at


Contact:         Sergeant Danny Smetak #313

Redding Police Department


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