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Alleged Hate Crime Suspect Arrested



03/10/2019               6:42 pm




On March 10, 2019 at 11:01 a.m., the confidential victim was in his vehicle on Saginaw Street in Redding when a silver passenger car passed his parked vehicle hitting his side view mirror. The silver passenger car stopped near a blue Pontiac which had been parked on Saginaw St near and “C” St. The victim, who is a African American male, confronted the subjects in both vehicles who began calling the victim racial slurs and accused him trying to get money from them. The driver of the silver car backed up at a fast pace, intentionally striking the victim. The victim was thrown to the ground, breaking his phone. The car fled south bound on “C” St.


The victim then directed his attention to the occupants of the blue Pontiac which was still parked. The occupants continued to call the victim racial slurs. The driver of the Pontiac also backed up quickly at the victim, striking and knocking him to the ground. The Pontiac also fled the scene.


The victim was able to get a photograph of the license plate of the silver vehicle prior to being hit. Officers were able to identify the owner of the vehicle from the plate. The driver at the time of the incident was identified as Zackary Miller, 23 years of Redding. Miller is currently on Post Release Community Supervision for possession of a concealed dirk/dagger and had two active felony warrants for his arrest. Officers developed information on where Miller was staying and went there to conduct a probation search. The house is known for criminal activity and a high amount of traffic coming and going from it.


At approximately 4:40 p.m., officers from the Redding Police Department, with the assistance of the California Highway Patrol Air Operations Division, surrounded the residence where Miller was at. Three subjects attempted to flee on foot, but ran back into the residence when they realized they were surrounded. One subject was observed by officers and the CHP Helicopter throwing items onto the roof of the residence. Several subjects cooperated with officers and were detained. Ultimately 14 people in the house came out and were detained without incident. One of the subjects was Miller.


During a search of the residence several bags of suspected methamphetamine were located, including the bags of suspected methamphetamine thrown on the roof of the house. No other illegal items were found.


Miller was arrested for assault with a deadly weapon, a hate crime enhancement, possession of illegal drugs for sales, the felony warrants and a probation hold. Four other people contacted were found to have various warrants for their arrest.





Contact:         Corporal Jeff Schmidt #311

Redding Police Department


Reviewed:      Sergeant Gary Meadows