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Suspect arrested for domestic violence and violently resisting police.


March 9, 2019          2:37 pm.



On March 9, 2019 at around 5:55 am, a female called 911 after her boyfriend, Brant Brady, 38 years old of Redding, had woken up and assaulted her. The 37 year old female victim, whose name is being withheld, was able to flee from the apartment and summoned the police.

When officers arrived and contacted the victim, they found she had sustained injuries from being assaulted by Brady. The victim told officers she tried calling 911 from her cell phone, but Brady had taken it from her and broke it. Brady was acting irrationally, calling her the “devil” several times. The victim was physically restrained inside the residence for several minutes before she was able to break free and flee. She ran to a neighbor’s apartment, and used their phone to call the police.

Brady was contacted by officers outside of the apartment. Brady was uncooperative and refused to submit to the arrest. During a violent struggle, Brady assaulted officers by grabbing and kicking at them. Officers used a taser and baton strikes to get Brady into handcuffs. Even after being handcuffed, Brady continued to fight against officer and refused to get into a police car. Ultimately Brady was placed into leg restraints to prevent further violence on officers and to prevent him from harming himself.

Brady was taken to a local hospital for medical treatment prior to being booked into the Shasta County Jail. Brady was charged with felony domestic battery, false imprisonment, preventing the use of a cell phone to summon law enforcement, battery on a Police Officer, and resisting arrest with violence. One officer also sustained an injury requiring medical treatment at the hospital.


Contact:         Corporal Jeff Schmidt #311

Redding Police Department


Reviewed:      Sergeant Gary Meadows #303