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Juvenile Probationer Arrested for Possession of a Loaded Firearm


April 6, 2019            6:34 pm


On April 6, 2019 at 1305 hours, Redding Police Officers responded to a call at the Dollar General on Lake Blvd. for a report of a male subject trying to sell marijuana out of a black sedan parked on the west side of the business. Officer Ketel responded and located the vehicle, which was occupied by two subjects, Brandon Peterson, 20 years of Redding, and Jacob Ahern 19 years of Shasta Lake. Ahern is on probation for burglary.

A search of the car was conducted pursuant to Ahern’s probation terms. A loaded handgun, marijuana and realistic BB and airsoft guns were found in the car. Information was obtained linking the handgun and marijuana to a 17 year old probationer out of Shasta Lake. The 17 year old had been inside the store when officers made contact with the subjects in the car and later walked away, avoiding police officers. Officers also discovered Ahern had stolen items from the Dollar General.

Officers from the Redding Police Department and Deputies from the Shasta County Sheriff’s office went to a residence on Williamson Road in Shasta Lake City to conduct a probation search and arrest the juvenile probationer. Nine subjects were contacted in the residence and confirmed the 17 year old was in his bedroom. Four of the subjects at the residence were on current probation for various crimes. Officers hailed to the juvenile to surrender, but he refused to come out of the room.

For 30 minutes officers continued to attempt to get the 17 year old to surrender peacefully, but he refused to comply. Officers went to the door of the room to contact the subject and found him sitting in his bed. He continued to refuse to comply with officer’s commands.  When he began actively moving to unsearched areas of the room and moved his hands towards his waist, a less lethal shotgun was used to subdue him. He was arrested without further incident.

The juvenile was booked into Juvenile Hall for illegal possession of a loaded firearm and violation of probation after being medically cleared at a local hospital. Ahern was booked into Shasta County jail for petty theft and violation of probation. Selena Linn, 18 years old, and Lisa Deaton, 26 years old, were booked for outstanding warrants. Peterson and the other subjects in the residence were released without charges at this time.


Contact:      Corporal Jeff Schmidt #311

Redding Police Department


Reviewed:      Sergeant Brian Torum #320