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Wanted Felon Leads Law Enforcement On High Speed Pursuit



June 10th, 2019                    9:00p.m.

On June 10th, 2019, at about 4:47 p.m., an officer with the Redding Police Department was patrolling in the area of Poppy Hills Drive and Twin View Boulevard. This area is a known dumping ground for stolen vehicles. The officer located a reported stolen vehicle parked in the greenbelt which was occupied by three subjects.

Two of the passengers were compliant, but the driver was not. The driver was later identified as Telena McCovey, age 36 of Redding.   After the passengers were removed from the vehicle, McCovey fled the area at a high rate of speed in the vehicle. Officers with the California Highway Patrol began the pursuit in the area of Twin View Boulevard and southbound Interstate 5. The pursuit continued southbound towards Anderson and Cottonwood, at speeds exceeding ninety miles per hour. Numerous allied agencies attempted to stop the vehicle using spike strips, but were unsuccessful. The driver exited the highway south of the Cottonwood scales then proceeded northbound on Interstate 5.

The driver eventually exited onto Balls Ferry Road and into a residential neighborhood. Officers with the California Highway Patrol cornered the driver in a cul-de-sac, at which point she rammed the California Highway Patrol vehicle, disabling her vehicle. McCovey refused to comply with officers commands and began reaching around underneath her seat. She produced a large knife from underneath the seat and began stabbing the steering wheel and brandishing the knife at officers.

A beanbag shot gun was deployed to break out one of the vehicle’s windows, which quickly caused McCovey to comply and drop the knife. She was taken into custody without further incident. McCovey was transported to a nearby hospital for medical clearance. Redding Police officers booked McCovey into the Shasta County jail for two outstanding felony warrants, felony evading, assault with a deadly weapon, vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, and brandishing.





Contact:         Corporal Harris ID# 369

Redding Police Department


Reviewed:      Sergeant Llamas/ID# 384