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Stolen Cars and Property Lead to Three Arrests

News Release

September 6, 2019  – 8:07 PM

RPD Case # 19R058357

On September 6, 2019 at around 8:00 PM, deputies from the Shasta County Sheriff’s Office were in the area of Shasta View Dr. and State Route 44 when they received an electronic indication from the LoJack Anti Vehicle Theft System.  Officers from the Redding Police Department responded to assist.  RPD Officer Nolan Guiducci was able to track the vehicle to the area of Larkspur Lane and Cypress Ave.  He located the vehicle in the parking lot of a hotel in the 2100 block of Larkspur Lane. Several Officers arrived to assist Officer Guiducci take the driver of the vehicle, Matthew Conner, 21 years of Redding, into custody. Conner is on probation in Shasta County for possession of stolen property.

While giving commands to Conner to safely take him into custody, Officers on scene saw a vehicle parked next to where Conner stopped that they recognized as stolen. The proximity of Conner’s apprehension to the second stolen vehicle appeared to be more than coincidence so Officers investigated further.

While at the location, Jonathan Pry, 27 years of Shasta Lake City, walked out of the hotel.  Officers recognized him as a wanted subject who was on Shasta County Probation for burglary.  A search of Pry showed he had evidence in his possession that linked him to the second stolen car.  Pry also had suspected methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia in his possession along with a hotel room key.  Officers located Pry’s hotel room and conducted a search incident to the terms of his probation. Inside the room, they found Kelly Harney, 35 years of Redding.  Officers also discovered more evidence linking Pry, Conner and Harney to both stolen cars.

Based on everything officers found during the investigation, all three subjects were arrested.  Conner was arrested for suspicion of vehicle theft and possession of a stolen vehicle.  Harney was arrested for suspicion of possession of stolen property. Pry was arrested for suspicion of vehicle theft, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of illegal drugs and paraphernalia and for several outstanding arrest warrants.  They were all booked into the Shasta County Jail.

Conner – Tan Hat/Gray Shirt

Pry – Red Shirt


Contact: Sergeant Brian Torum #320

Redding Police Department


Reviewed: Sergeant Brian Cole #316