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Skimming Devices Located


Bill Schueller, Chief of Police


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DATE November 20, 2019              TIME 12:15 p.m.



On November 18, 2019, Community Service Officer Rachel Johnson investigated two separate cases involving the use of “skimming” devices.     “Skimming” is a term used to describe the method used to obtain credit card information via a computer device that is installed surreptitiously by unknown suspects.  The devices were attached to individual gas pumps at the Chevron located at 4746 Churn Creek Road and the Valero at 722 E. Cypress Avenue.  Neither of these businesses had any knowledge of the devices as they don’t affect the actual working order of the pumps.  (Picture attached of devices)

The “skimming” devices were located when Shasta County Weights and Measures staff were completing checks on the pumps.  It is unknown how long ago the devices had been placed on the gas pumps.  It is unknown how many people may be affected by these devices.  If you believe your credit card has been compromised, contact your financial institution immediately for assistance.  The devices would only be able to capture information at the actual pump where it was installed.


Contact:         Corporal W. Williams/324

Redding Police Department

Reviewed:      Sergeant E. Forsberg/302