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K9 Chase Helps Apprehend Kidnapping Suspect


 August 25th, 2020          9:40 P.M.


On Tuesday, August 25th, 2020, Redding Police Officers responded to a reported abduction of two juveniles from a planned visitation at Children and Family Services in Redding.  Officers arrived and learned that 35 year old Travis Clyde Johnson of Shingletown, had attempted to abduct his two children, ages 4 and 6, from a supervised visitation.

Johnson grabbed the children, shoved a Children and Family Services employee out of his way and attempted to flee.  A relative of Johnson intervened and convinced him to release the children after he had fled approximately 100 yards from the Children and Family Services building.  After releasing the children unharmed, Johnson continued his flight in an effort to evade responding officers.

Johnson was spotted by Redding Police Officers near the intersection of Oregon Street and Placer.  He refused numerous commands to stop and challenged officers to a fight.  Johnson was displaying symptoms of methamphetamine use, and was acting irrational.  Officers attempted to overcome Johnson’s resistance and effect his arrest by first using pepper spray.  Johnson continued to resist and was struck once in the lower leg with a baton.  The baton strike was also ineffective.  Redding Police K9 Chase was on scene, and Johnson was warned multiple times that his continued resistance would result in the K9 being deployed.

After numerous warnings and continued active resistance, K9 chase was utilized to take Johnson into custody.  Johnson was transported to Shasta Regional Medical Center where he was treated for injuries, including a dog bite to his lower arm.  Johnson was later booked into the Shasta County Jail on charges of kidnapping, assault, child endangerment, and resisting arrest.

During the investigation, evidence was recovered indicating Johnson had smuggled two large railroad spikes into the Children and Family Services office.  He had hidden the spikes from staff, possibly with the intention of using them to aid in the planned abduction of his children.

Pictures of Travis Clyde Johnson and Redding Police K9 Chase have been attached to this release.

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