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Man arrested for possessing drugs and two handguns in a vehicle


Bill Schueller, Chief of Police


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September 11th, 2020       5:00 A.M.





On September 10th at approximately 2239 hours, Redding Police Officer Jaegel conducted a traffic stop on a silver Nissan Xterra for failing to stop at a stop sign and speeding. Officer Jaegel contacted both occupants of the vehicle and determined the passenger was a convicted felon, currently on probation. The passenger is not named because he was later released without charges. The driver was identified as Jordan Webb, 33 years of Redding. Webb informed Officers he had a firearm in the car. Officers ultimately retrieved a loaded Glock handgun and an unloaded Beretta handgun. Officers also located methamphetamine, heroin, a methamphetamine smoking pipe and multiple hypodermic needles inside the vehicle.

Although Webb is a valid concealed weapon permit holder, carrying his handguns in conjunction with narcotics is illegal. Webb was arrested and booked into the Shasta County Jail for drug possession, possession of drug paraphernalia and felony possession of narcotics while possessing a loaded firearm.


Contact:         Sgt. Gary Meadows #303

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Reviewed:      Sgt. Todd Cogle #301