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Three arrested for Child Endangerment

Press Release

September 2nd, 2020                       8:15 P.M.


On Wednesday September 2nd, 2020 at approximately 1:52 P.M., Redding Police Officers responded to a residence within the Oakwood Mobile Park located at 1178 Lake Blvd. Officers responded to check the welfare of several juveniles who were reported to be living in poor conditions.

Officers contacted 43 year old Jack Vandeventer, 40 year old Nola Vandeventer and 36 year old Robert Hulsey. All three adults claimed responsibility for the custody and care of four juveniles who were ages 17, 12, 11 and nine.  The juveniles are not being identified because of their ages and because they are victims of a crime.

Officers observed visible rat, roach, ant, and fly infestation. The rats had bored holes in the sub floor and had ate the electrical wiring. Makeshift wiring in open electrical boxes were strewn about the residence. There was a water leak which saturated the residence to include the ground extending to several plots on each side of the residence. There was feces throughout the entire residence and the children had feces on their feet.  The source of the feces is believed to be from the 41 dogs which lived inside the residence with the seven people.

The parents claimed the children were being home schooled, however officers did not observe any evidence of home schooling. All four children appeared academically behind for their ages.

Child Family Services (CFS) and the City of Redding Animal Regulation Officer (ARO) responded. Officers took the children into protective custody and turned the children over to CFS. ARO took custody of all the dogs. The three adults were placed under arrest for felony Child Endangerment. Officers booked the three adults into the Shasta County Jail. A picture of the three adults is attached.


Corporal Jon Sheldon #322

Redding Police Department



Sergeant Cogle #301