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Neighborhood Police Unit Makes 2000th Arrest



DATE: 10/21/2020              TIME: 14:30 hours

In January 2016, the Redding Police Department established the Neighborhood Police Unit (NPU) to address concerns after a significant rise in crime and quality of life issues in our city. The unit consists of four officers and a supervisor and focuses on solving long term problems through enforcement efforts, outreach and working in partnership with the community.  NPU reached its 2000th arrest earlier this month.

Since the creation of NPU nearly 5 years ago, the unit has focused on specific geographical locations in the City of Redding that include Downtown Redding and the Hilltop and Dana Drive Business District. The unit also patrols the Sacramento River Trail System and our surrounding parks on all-terrain motorcycles.  In addition, NPU investigates gang activity, problematic drug houses and motels that bring crime into our residential and business areas.  NPU also works with community-based groups to identity growing crime trends and implement crime prevention measures.

A majority of the arrests made by NPU are connected to narcotics. The 2000 arrests include nearly 750 felony arrests and 1250 misdemeanor arrests. From January 2016, through September 30, 2020, NPU made more than 10,000 contacts.  Of those contacts, nearly 2000 involved people on probation or parole.  NPU seized approximately 2 pounds of cocaine, 23 pounds of methamphetamine and 14 pounds of heroin.  NPU also seized 118 firearms from suspected drug dealers, convicted felons and dangerous criminals.

NPU would like to thank the Redding community for their support over the past 5 years. We look forward to continuing the great partnership between the Redding Police Department and the citizens we serve.  NPU would like to remind citizens they can report suspected drug activity or problem houses on the Redding Police Department webpage.




Contact: Corporal Timothy Renault #391
  Neighborhood Police Unit
  Redding Police Department
Approved: Lieutenant Brian Cole #616