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Robbery Report Leads to Kidnapping Charges in Redding


 October 8th, 2020           11:36 P.M.

Case #20R066201


Justin Kenyon, 32 years of Redding, was arrested for charges related to kidnapping, false imprisonment, and possession of methamphetamine following a Redding Police Department investigation into a possible robbery.  Officers from the Redding Police Department responded to a report of a possible carjacking from the Bonnyview Boat Ramp in Redding.  Ronald Hussey, 39 years of Redding, reported a person unknown to him, Justin Kenyon, approached at the boat ramp parking lot and offered to sell Hussey drugs.  When Hussey declined, Kenyon displayed a knife, pressed the knife against Hussey and demanded a ride to another location in Hussey’s vehicle.

While Hussey was driving Kenyon through Redding, he convinced Kenyon to allow him to stop at a convenience store for something to drink because he was thirsty.  Once inside the store, Hussey was able to call for help from the Redding Police Department.  Officers quickly arrived in the area, and located the vehicle with Kenyon inside.  Kenyon was in possession of two knives, as well as suspected methamphetamine and was booked into Shasta County Jail.



Contact: Corporal Chris Mills #365

Redding Police Department


Reviewed: Sergeant Cogle #301