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Train versus pedestrian cause minor injuries


On October 12, 2020 at about 1:53 pm, Redding police officers responded to train versus pedestrian traffic collision on Shasta Street just west of Center Street.  Upon arrival, officers located the stopped train and Kimberly Stanley, age 54 of Redding, next to the railroad tracks.


Stanley, ignoring the flashing railroad signs and cross arms, attempted to walk westbound on Shasta Street across the railroad tracks with her shopping cart even though she saw the approaching train.  Her shopping cart became stuck on the tracks.  As the train approached, she attempted to pull the cart free to no avail.  The slow-moving train collided with the shopping cart.  The shopping cart struck Stanley in the leg, causing complaint of pain.


Stanley was evaluated and released at the scene by paramedics.  The collision caused the train to block several intersection through downtown for approximately 45 minutes.  The Redding Police Department would like to remind everyone to obey all railroad crossing signals.


Contact:          Sergeant Montgomery ID#314


Reviewed By:  Corporal Mille ID#365